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Frequently asked questions

Q. How fit does one need to be to go on one of your tours?
A. As long as you don't have any serious medical conditions, especially those that might need medical attention - you are good to go! Obviously, when thinking trekking and/or climbing, one should have good stamina and knees/ankles that are healthy. If not, you can always ride in the car! 

Q. What modes of payment do you accept? 

A. Cash is quickest but you can also deposit the amount in our bank account which we give out once you register. We hope to soon have online payments available to make it easier. 

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Once payment is received, participants only have five days (if not less than 24 days before tour departure date) to cancel their participation with a 35% deductible. In case of cancellations 24 days or less prior to departure date, there is no refund offered. In case tour is delayed/cancelled due to bad weather/road conditions/flight cancellations, the tour will be rescheduled to the first available date and itinerary will be adjusted accordingly at no extra charge but our standard 35% deductible will be applied in case participants withdraw due to delays out of our control for reasons mentioned above. We suggest you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will cover damages/injuries as this is not covered in our registrations, especially if you are a diplomat/expat and/or are signing up from outside Pakistan. 

Q. Do all your tours start and end in Islamabad? 

A. Yes! The reason for this is that all flights to the Gilgit-Baltistan region take off from and return to Islamabad. We will soon start PakistanOnFoot (POF) which will take tours across the country and will start/end in various different parts of Pakistan. We expect to launch POF in January of 2017.

Q. Why are your tours so expensive?

A. There are NO hidden costs and our tours are all inclusive (flights, hotels, meals, camping gear, porters, guides, etc). Our tours are very well planned, meticulously executed and whether it's camping gear, hotels, vehicles and porters, we only provide the best available in-country. We don't believe in mass tours with very large groups hence our overheads are divided amongst smaller numbers. Our group size ranges from two to eight persons. 

Q. What if we don't want to share a room with a stranger? ​
We always try to make sure everyone on the tour has met at least once before departing. If you still feel you don't want to share, you can have your own room but you will have to pay for the difference. 

Q. What if I don't want to or think I can explore on foot? 

A. While the name suggests otherwise, we offer tours that are well paced and designed around medium skilled trekkers. There is always a follow guide with the group (at the tail end) if you want to move slower than the group. If not, vehicles/horsebacks are always available for those who prefer to use them.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes. We offer 10% discounts for groups of six to nine persons and 15% discounts for groups of 10 or more. We also offer 10% discounts for students as long as they are enrolled in school/college at the time of registration. To show our support to the troops, we offer a 15% discount to Active members of the Pakistan Military and their families. We require proof (current photo ID) in order to apply student/military discounts.